Transfer (piloting)

The project intends to transfer the occupation profile of the European Workplace Tutor and the Learning Process Guide to the national systems of the participating countries by integrating them into the relevant existing national profiles. The certification model to be developed within the project will take into account the existing national qualifications and will highlight pathways of validating and accrediting relevant previous qualifications /qualification elements and / or comeptencies resulting from informal and non-formal learning towards the European certificate of Workplace Tutor / Learning Process Guide.

Within the EWT project a self-contained qualification module for "Learning process guidance" (which is part of the module structure of the European Workplace tutor) will be developed and tested in all countries (except Austria) in form of pilots. They qulification is based on a blended learning system, combining face-to-face sessions, e-learning and learning at the workplace. Therefor the moodle learning platform, which was developed in the previous "it's time" project, will be used.

The module "learning process guidance" will be piloted in:
Germany, Spain, Finland, Hungary, the Netherlands, Portugal and Romania.

The pilots have to be conducted within 6 months, have at least 8 participants and must achieve the learning outcomes described in the module. The participating countries can conduct the pilot individually according to their national systems, which means they are free in the definition of total hours and units (en bloc or single days etc.).

Contents of the course include:

  • From instructor to learning guide
  • Moderating learning groups
  • Guiding discussions and communication skills
  • Motivation and motivating
  • Heterogeneous learning groups and cooperative learning
  • Pedagogics and cultural education
  • Problematic and trespassing behaviour of trainers
  • Legal basics
  • Learning difficulties
  • Conflicts, divergent (norm-infringing) behaviour of learners, bullying, violence
  • Intercultural competence, learners with different cultural backgrounds
  • Psychological aspects and disorders