The European Workplace Tutor Network

The project partners have initiated a European Network for the promotion of an increased quality of training and visibility of occupation of in-company VET personnel.

The European Workplace Tutor Network:

  • is a loose network of education providers, enterprises, associations, trade unions and universities
  • promotes the interests of in-company training personnel with regard to training and qualification policy at European level
  • aims at supporting and promoting the sustainability of the qualification profiles European Workplace Tutor (EWT) and Learning Process Guide (LPG)
  • promotes and facilitates EU-wide exchange of information and experience between its members
  • enables the exchange of its members' course participants (e.g. training mobilities) by validating prior learning with other network members according to the standards set out in the project and acting under the principles of mutual trust
  • agrees to a set of quality standards for EWT and LPG courses

The network members regard the competence profiles of European Workplace Tutor and Learning Process Guide as a common basis and subscribe to joint quality standards and a framework of methods. This ensures the sustainability of the high quality standards set in the project whilst allowing for a necessary degree of flexibility of adaptation of the programme to the respective country's VET system (for example as regards learning time, assessment and certification methods, etc.).


Common quality standards and methods

Members of the network subscribe to the following quality standards:

  • the courses provided under the label aim at conveying learning outcomes agreed upon in the competence profiles (European Workplace Tutor and / or Learning Process Guide)
  • the courses provided under the label conform to the quality standards in terms of methods and principles as well as forms and places of learning
  • assessment is conducted in a project-oriented way
  • commitment to accredit prior learning
  • strong evaluative standards (participant feedback systems)
  • training participants are informed about the quality standards and have the possibility to give feedback
  • user-oriented terms and conditions must apply

Members of the network subscribe to the principles in terms of methods applied in the training:

  • diversity of training methods
  • strong work process-orientation, guided learning at the workplace is at the focus of the programmes delivered to individuals in employment
  • external learning (face-to-face sessions according to the needs of the participants) is organised to aid the reflectuion of individual learning processes and exchange of experience between course participants
  • project- and activity-orientation
  • knowledge elements are not conveyed in an academic way but are practically applicable
  • individualised learning
  • learning guidance is at the core of the programmes
  • distance-learning (e.g. e-learning) should enable exchange between tutors and participants and be interactive

For a list of network members, please refer to "Network Members". Here, you can also find contact persons if you are interested to hear more about the network.